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V2 VMC Rosa Crystallizer, 1.5 Gal

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V2 is a safe and proven crystallization liquid used to maintain polished marble, terrazzo and granite. V2 chemically transforms the stones surface similar to conventional methodology done at the factory. The crystallization action can be equated as a chemical reaction that is initiated through the use of steel wool, special chemical compounds and the basic stone surface. The result is a harder, mirror like, vitrified surface. The VMC system allows the floor to continue to “breathe” through microscopic channels of the stone.

  • Easy to use
  • Extends life of polished stones
  • Requires much less time as compared to traditional strip and wax methods
  • Gives a mirror-like polish when in a well refined condition
  • Ideally used with a heavy duty polisher machine

Where and When to Use:

V2 can be applied wherever the nature & condition of the floor surface permits. This product is for use on polished stone surfaces only